Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why do I blog? 爲什麽做博客?

Simply stated, I have too much time and too many ideas but don't want to clog my friends' Facebook newsfeed and want some feedback and provoke some discussion. This blog is unique because posts will be in Chinese, English or both depending on the context. Most of the topics will be related to economics, finance, social psychology and technology initially, but there should be a fair amount of less serious stuff.

很簡單,因為有太多時間,太多偉論,但不想阻塞朋友臉書交通,也希望得到一些回應,帶動一些討論。我因應主題及對象用標準中文,廣東話,英文或中英對照方式發表文章 - 這是部落格獨特的地方。開始的時候大部份題材會和經濟,金融,社會心理學和科技有關,但也會家插一些不太重口味的東西。

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